Sunday, March 17, 2013

Playing 18 Holes at Monster Mini Golf!

By - Steve Mezo

I have loved Monsters, Mini Golf and Black Light posters since the better part of forever and when you add all three together




You get this! 

This picture was taken by me at Andrew and Darlene Kiss's Monster Mini Golf Course in Marlboro New Jersey.

Now before I tell you about the great time my wife and I had there, let me tell you about the history of the Monster Mini Golf Franchise.

While doing research for my article I had found out that it was the idea of
 Christina Vitagliano. 

Christina was a Director of Marketing for a multi level entertainment complex and decided to leave that to open a Antiques Auctioning House. After doing that for a while she had found that to be a stressful business as well (I can imagine for quite a few reasons stemming from Television shows and the internet turning everyone into Antique experts).

Then one night (As the legend goes) she had the idea for an indoor mini golf course that would have a haunted attraction flair to it. And with the help of her husband Patrick (Who is a professional light and sound man for Broadway shows and Concerts) they were able to convert the auction house into the first Monster Mini Golf location within five months building everything themselves. And then within a year turned it into a franchise

And if you go to their main website you can find all of their present and future locations. There's even a KISS themed Monster Mini Golf in Las Vegas. There's some tie in standards for each Mini Monster Golf Location, but the props, color schemes and layouts vary. 

When my wife and I walked in we were greeted by the Manager Matt Steel. He was really cool and nice enough to answer all of my questions about Monster Mini Golf and letting me take pictures as my wife and I played the course. 

I couldn't get over how affordable it was, and how Christina was
able to make the design and decor where it's really fun for all ages.  

Another favorite was "The Spinner" 
where you have to make your putt the way it tells you.

Some spots work for you.

(Ace up your sleeve)
You can take a zero on that hole and better your score.

(Bowling Putt)
You do a underhand roll with the ball towards the hole.

And allot work against you... 

(Blind Putt)
You have to make the putt with your eyes closed.

(Topsy Turvy) 
You have to make your first putt with the putters handle.

(Behind The Back)
Your first putt has to be made holding the putter behind you.

And the dreaded 
(Extra Obstacle)  
Your opponent gets to stand anywhere they want on the fairway  
as an extra obstacle. But if you're playing with a group you can pick who it is. 

Then there's the Frankenstein's Lab target
There's a ramp to the right of the lab where you have to get the ball to hit the base of the yellow power box to the right. If you hit the target it activates Frankenstein's monster and he rises from the electrified slab. If you don't reach the target it rolls back into the ramp and shoots out to where you wind up adding to your putt count. There aren't any pars for the holes, but you want to get through with as few putts as possible. When you complete the game at Glo-Zo The Clowns head you add up your score and see which level you reached. The levels range from one through four and we were three... But that was only our first time through and since we love Mini Golf and had allot of fun there we'll be aiming for level one!!!

And Monster Mini Golf has a game room with video games,
 Glow Air Hockey (another favorite of ours)
 and our other addiction Skee Ball  
 We both scored 16000 to show these Skee Ball machines we are just that skilled!

And there are two haunted event/party rooms for any occasion.

Check out The Marlboro Monster Mini Golf's Page with the link below to get information on prices, hours, contest and events.

And when you are there make sure to tell them
you saw it here on my site.