Saturday, February 16, 2013

I wanna go to the Midnight Show!!!

By - Steve Mezo

It's crazy how fast time races by!

It doesn't even feel like that a little over a year ago Newt Wallen was just beginning production of "Midnight Show".

I had first met Newt through "Derek Huey" when we had collaborated on an episode of Derek's sho
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The episode we all collaborated on was  

As we were sending the episode script back and forth I had found out that Newt was getting ready to make a movie that was inspired by his years working in movie houses. I thought that it was a cool idea and hoped he would get a chance to do it. And he did!!!

Then one day I had seen a Facebook post that he needed to borrow a wheelchair for the "Her Time of The Month" trailer.

It just so happened that I had access to one and was able to drive it out to the location. And it was really cool of Newt to offer me a part as an extra. Then the next thing I new I was wearing a gas mask running through a cornfield and was given a great death scene!

I had done an article about that here.

Now Newt is gearing up for the release of MIDNIGHT SHOW and has been showing a theatrical style preview of Midnight Show featuring F/X work by Tony DeBartolis and clips from Thomas Berdinski's trailer for his upcoming feature "House With a Morgue"

And THE UNDERBELLY SHOW cut featuring the cast of UNDERBELLY that are part of the direction, editing and production. 

    And you can visit the official Midnight Show FB page.