Thursday, January 24, 2013

Slime makes everything more fun!!!

By - Steve Mezo

It's amazing how some goop in a plastic garbage can 
made by the MATTEL toy company
 turned my play time up  to eleven!

"Slime" fought everything and everyone without mercy or challenge. Unless you went by "Blob" rules and had your Green Army Men Flame Thrower Troopers using modified CO2 tanks.

or Astronauts with freeze gel sprayers

or Firemen with CO2 extinguishers or CO2 spraying fire hoses.

So unless the Green Army Men had these guys in tow or Mr. Freeze was doing the fighting they were pretty much screwed.

Countless numbers of plastic soldiers had met their end at the (hands?) of Slime and their vehicles were just as vulnerable. Halftracks, jeeps and tanks were rendered useless and liquified by Slime's acidic powers.

And when hollow Dinosaurs and hollow giant frogs were filled with it they were the winners of every battle! 


Slime also had it's fill of robots, monsters, dinosaurs, giant insects, giant gorillas, Stormtroopers and Droids too. I think the only monster it couldn't beat was Godzilla.

After it's initial creation it evolved and became even more deadly!  

It grew eyes and became known as "Slime It's Alive!"
This gave it the powers of hypnotism and sometimes rendered the CO2 armed soldiers powerless.

Then it was armed with worms (Like "Squirm") and infused with flesh eating bugs. These were the things that kept The Green Army Men Awake at night.  

There was even a board game to use it with that was just as fun to loose as it was to win!

Slime was so unstoppable that even when I outgrew playing with toys in the early 80's the next generation of kids had it to use with their action figures.

Hordak had found use for it when beating down He-Man and Skeletor along with their friends. 
   And he had a machine to use it with!

Then The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles called it 
"Retromutaen Ooze"

And The Shredder and Krang 
had "The Foot Clan Flushomatic"
to reduce the turtles and Master Splinter to their former state.


The Ghostbusters got hold of it and turned into "Ecto-Plazm"

  And thanks to Nickelodeon it continues to live a long happy life!

Slime I salute you!!!