Monday, December 31, 2012

Growing up with Kolchack The Night Stalker.


By - Steve Mezo

I will never forget hearing the eerie music every Friday Night at 10:00 with the start of the Kolchack The Night Stalker Television Show. Since it wasn't a school night I was allowed to stay up late and watch it. Even though I probably fell asleep about a quarter of the way in being I was five years old back then.

Darren McGavin as Carl Kolchack

I found it years later on Netflix and gave it a watch. At first I was like why the hell did I think this was so cool when I was five? But when I stopped being so critical about it for a minute I really liked it. 

I could relate to "Carl Kolchack" in the way where he saw allot of cool stuff, but he still had to keep a full time job. And it was funny that no matter how times he got pictures of the creatures and fiends he got the lead on his cameras or any other proof he had (For the scoop of the century) would be destroyed. 

And then he would get constant grief from his boss/editor for not working on the assignments given him (Like filling in for a Dear Abby type columnist).
Simon Oakland as Tony Vincenzo

Then I was thinking to myself "Kolchack does the same thing every time..." But then I thought "Dude what do you do every day when you're at work? THE SAME FRIGGING THING AS THE DAY BEFORE, NOW STOP BEING SO CRITICAL AND ENJOY THE MONSTERS!!!"

So I got my mindset back into just watching the show and laughed my head off whenever Tony stuck Kolchack with some kind of horrible assignment, which Carl did everything in his power to avoid. I'm surprised he still had a job half of the time.

Think about it Tony gives him some kind of article or column that he knows Kolchack would not want to do. Then Kolchack runs around chasing monsters or witches then looses all of the evidence along with his trusty camera. And then the dude gets away with writing an article about the adventure without proof that Tony likes and shows up for work the next day.  

Kolchack is the man!!!