Friday, November 16, 2012

Turkey for me and Turkey for You!!!

By - Steve Mezo

Next week is Turkey Day, and I am all kinds of ready!
I know I can eat a Turkey and all it's friends any day while watching some much loved movies, but for some reason Turkey Day just makes it so much better. 

I was never into Football when I was a kid so while all of the adults were in the living room I was in my cousin's room watching  

King Kong

War of The Worlds

Mighty Joe Young

And every couple years 
Son of Kong
The only complaint I have is I wish King Kong and Son of Kong had Mighty Joe Young's ending. And it's funny that no matter how many times I watched them over the years I kept hoping that they would do it different each time.

But sadly no... King Kong is shot and falls to his death and poor Son of Kong drowns beneath the waves. Then just when I'm all sad Mighty Joe Young waves to me happily from the ranch, and right after Army Men fight Alien Spaceships for the fate of the Earth. Soon after I would have my turkey dinner plate and all was right with the world.

Now I own all of them all on DVD and keep the tradition alive. 

And as far as my dinner I get it from Boston Market. But I almost bought this prop turkey from a local thrift store. Think about it! I get the homey home cooked meal look without having to thaw it out, figure out how many hours to cook it and learn how to carve it.
All I would need is some artificial cooking turkey smell and it could be the new Artificial Christmas Tree!