Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My day in the Midnight Show trailer "Her Time of The Month"


By - Steve Mezo

I've been following the progress of the feature "Midnight Show" ever since I was first told about it by it's creator Newt Wallen.  
You may know newt from "Underbelly"
Another favorite of mine. 

And little did I know that not only would I get to be in one of the trailers in the movie Midnight Show, I would also get to meet and work with most of the creative team behind the Underbelly Show and it's talent. 

My adventure started when Newt had asked in a Facebook post if anyone had a wheelchair he could use in the "Her Time of The Month Shoot". I was lucky enough to have one nearby and made the offer to him. And that's when he offered me a part as an extra in "Her Time of The Month". All I had to do was dress up like a redneck and have the wheelchair with me. 

I made the drive to Liberty Lake Day Camp in Bordentown, New Jersey (The place is awesome!!!) and met up with the crew. I didn't know what to expect when I got there, I mean I only knew Newt through the internet and he's pretty much telling the crew (Who's worked together before) that a complete stranger with a wheelchair is showing up. But when I got there everyone was really nice. 

The first person I met was Shawn D. Caple (Another member of Underbelly) and the director of  the"Her Time of The Month" shoot. He had told me that Newt was getting some supplies and would be back shortly and introduced me to the rest of the group. 
          Photo credit: Penelope Pappas

From Top Left: (Lindsay Doert), (Newt Wallen), (Simchah Silverman), (Catherine Yetter) and (Justin Skyler Daniels). 
This was right before the girls were thrown out of the van a few times. 

As soon as Newt arrived we got right to work with getting the trailer filmed. And as Penelope was filming her opening scene with the other actresses I had time to talk with Justin D. We clicked right away and both of us were surprised to see we have the same exact skull tattooed on the top of our right hands with the only difference being his flames are bright green and mine are purple. The next thing I new were both making jokes that only we got most of the time, and really had fun with it.

After that we moved on to the scene where I played the part of the wheelchair pushing lackey with Justin Silverman
(Also of Underbelly).
 Photo Credit: Penelope Pappas

The next thing I knew they were getting ready to film the corn field chase scene and Newt asked me if I wanted to be a second redneck with Justin D. I was completely surprised and said YES!!!

 Justin Skyler Daniels running to get some
  Photo Credit: Penelope Pappas 

And me running right behind him!
 Photo Credit: Penelope Pappas

And from that point I went from being an extra to an actual character in the trailer. 

The shooting day went by smoothly because everyone involved had taken on double duty in front and behind the camera the whole time. This had taken allot of weight off of Shawn being the director and Newt as script supervisor because everything was being taken care of. 

And I was able to get my hands bloody again by doing some F/X work where needed.  
   Lauren Transue's character got even with mine for this.

 Same makeup F/X with the set lighting.
 Photo Credit: Penelope Pappas

See told You!
Photo Credit: Penelope Pappas  

Then it was on to spraying Newt with fake blood GWAR style after he had his junk ripped off by a van with a length of rope.
 Photo Credit: Penelope Pappas

Shawn D. Caple had done a great job with running a two camera shoot. 
 Photo Credit: Simchah Silverman

He already had everything mapped out in his head way before the set ups and everybody made sure to hit their marks, because we all knew we were racing Fall Daylight to get all of the exteriors done. 

And Penelope Pappas was great at getting her own scenes done one minute and then documenting the shoot with her own camera the next. 
  Photo Credit: Simchah Silverman
By the time nightfall had hit we had all of the exteriors finished and were able to get all of the interiors needed. 
 Photo Credit: Penelope Pappas

And I was able to cross "Being a bad guy in a horror movie" off of The Bucket List I wrote when I was six years old.
 Photo Credit: Simchah Silverman

When I got home that night I couldn't stop smiling. My hands were stained with fake blood and makeup, I was tired and needed a shower. Just like the good old days twenty years ago. 

Thank you Newt!