Thursday, October 25, 2012

An interview with Independent Mask Maker Ray Charland.


By - Steve Mezo

Hey it's October and I had to get the Abandoned Mom and Pop Video Store set up for a very special interview with fellow Metalhead, Horror Fan and Independent Monster Mask Maker "Ray Charland". So I visited a few places and turned the back room into something with a little bit of everything from favorite horror movies. 

Before I got started I was glad that to see that the place is still for rent due to various tricks I pull to keep it that way. 
Yup my autographed Goldie Fatale poster is still up, nobodies touched my "Meet The Klump's" standee and the horror section videos are all still there. 

Then I made my way to the very back of the store and made sure the water was still running and the power was on.  

Once that was done I got to work on the interview setting and a couple dumpster dives later I came up with the perfect setup.

The reason I invited Ray to the shop for the interview is I am all about Indie artist and filmmakers that are home based and still manage to get out there, get noticed and most importantly get paid.  
And when I say "Get Paid" I don't mean selling out which distances the creative from the marketed. I mean as far as covering the cost of materials and or production and possibly getting a little profit.

And Ray's doing a good job each season with selling his limited run  creations.

Ray is self taught does a great job with his sculpts and only uses high quality materials for each and every mask. Then once he's done he makes full armatures for the ones he creates and keeps for his own collection. 

Here's what Ray has created for the October, 2012 season.

   The witch sculpt

The Mummy sculpt in progress
 The Witch and Mummy Pulls after being poured

 The Witch (Green)

Deadite Witch paint scheme

 Witch Hag color scheme

 Mummy traditional

 Mummy sculpt with Zombie paint scheme

 The Witch armature with hands and arms sculpted and created by Ray

 The Mummy armature with hands and arms sculpted and created by Ray

Now that I've introduced you to some of his work, I thought I'd do a little Q and A with him here at The Abandoned Mom and Pop Video Store.  

1) What was the first horror movie you've ever seen?

The very first horror film I ever seen was called The Crawling hand. It scared me so bad that I cried for days. 

2) Which was your first latex mask purchase?

My first latex mask was a wolf man mask that I bought from a drugstore in the late 70s. It was awful looking it fit like crap but one look at it and I was in love.

3) What was the first Heavy Metal song you've ever heard?

The first Metal song I ever heard was Nativity in black by Black Sabbath. I was like 7. My babysitter's boyfriend brought it over. 

4) What was your favorite obscure or not widely known European Heavy Metal band. 

I liked Celtic Frost back in the day.

5) What was your first mask sculpt and pour?

My first mask sculpt was a clown mask. I have had a morbid fascination with clowns since I was a kid. My mother bought me a Bozo the clown ventriloquist doll in the mid 70's. I was terrified of him. 

6) What's your favorite Halloween Urban Legend? 

The razor blade apples had me going for quite a few years.

7) How many Michael Myers mask have you owned over the years?

I have had four all of them terrible with the exception of my Nemesis mask. I am about to pull the trigger on Trick or Treat studios new Halloween 2 mask. The blood tears version. Best Myers mask I have ever seen. To get a Myers mask that good would have cost a grand just months ago. They sell for like 60 bucks. 

8) How many designs (Yours and Movie Sculpts) have you done?

A LOT!  I try not to do things like Freddy and Myers. There are guys out there who are obsessed with the Myers mask. They know it from every angle down to the friggin eye cuts. Too hard to please those guys. 

9) What was your first Heavy Metal Concert?

My first Metal concert was Quiet Riot 

10) Favorite Horror/Monster themed Heavy Metal band?


11) You're stranded on a desert island with a DVD player that has an atomic battery. What five DVD'S do you have with you?

The Exorcist
John Carpenter's Halloween
The Shining
An American werewolf in London 

12) Zombies are running in your front door and you're running out the back. What three items do you take with you? And they don't have to be survival items.
My IPhone
My iPad 
My Koss portapro headphones 

13) Go on a weekend getaway with Frankenhooker in the cabin from Evil Dead or a weekend in The House on Haunted Hill (2002) with Trash from Return of The Living Dead?

Evil Dead cabin with Frankenhooker.

And as I asked this last question I heard that familiar sound of the cops busting in the front door, so I had to thank Ray quickly for his time as we ran out the back.