Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Battles That Could Have Been...

By - Steve Mezo

Not long ago I typed about years spent playing with Green Army Men fighting anything and everything that attacked them. The only thing that was worse than outgrowing doing that was seeing all of the cool monster toys that they could have been fighting a few years later. 

There were so many cool battles that they could have fought
with toys like these!

This is "Metar" from "The Inhumanoids"

He looks like a Rancor with battle armor and had two really nasty friends that would have given The Green Army Troops a really bad day.

 This is "Tendril" one of the other monsters from
 "The Inhumanoids"

 "D. Compose"
The coolest thing about him is his ribcage opens like doors and you could fit a bunch of Green Army Men in there.

And just when I thought the dinosaurs couldn't get any cooler as is with being a really cool attacking force
 "Dino Riders" were released.
I would have fainted if I got this as an eight year old!!!

Then there were "Rocks, Bugs and Things"
These are "The Rock" series and when closed they looked like plastic rocks, but when you pressed a button they popped open to reveal the creature they really were. Same went for the bugs and things, they looked like any other bug toy until you popped the front open to reveal the monster mouths they had. And they came with little creature figures for them to eat just in case you didn't have any Green Army Men on patrol.  
"Take cover behind the big rocks over here!"

Sectors were insanely cool too because the giant bugs were puppets, the wings flapped and they even made a buzzing sound!

The only thing is The Sectors figures would have been left at the bottom of my toy box since they're way taller than my Green Army Men. The bug guy is kind of cool but The Greatest American Hero looking guy was kind of lame.

But the one thing that really put them over the top 
was their "Hive Fortress"! 
It would be cool as is for any of the monsters or aliens to use as their base of operations against The Green Army Men's fortified mountain base. But the spider to the lower right is a puppet!!! How sick is that?! The Green Army Men try doing a sneak attack and are grabbed by Giant Spider!

Now I know this all sounds a little one sided, 
but The Green Army Men would have a very powerful ally. 

The Transformers!!!

I'd probably have more "Decpticons" since they have more of the jets and tanks.

I know different year toy transformations but you get it.
But I would definitely have had all of the "Dinobots" too!!!

Yeah... There would have been some good times.