Sunday, September 2, 2012

50's Alien Robots still make me smile!!!

By- Steve Mezo

While waiting for the release of Newt Wallen's "Midnight Show"
I've been watching episodes of "Underbelly" and futsing around on Facebook looking up as much as I can on the contributing directors and artistic craftspeople involved in it. And yes I know there's IMDB, but it's more fun finding out stuff myself.

"Don't forget to mention Tom"

Thomas Berdinski made the trailer "House With a Morgue"
for "Midnight Show"
 Lobby Card artwork by Richard Dean

that I can't wait to see because it features my favorite
 Berdinski brand slimy Zombies!

There's others that have 50's style monster trailers in it too. But I have to admit I have a big old place in my heart for 50's Alien Robots. And this is where prop builder Tony DeBartolis comes in.
Tony DeBartolis with one of his custom creations for "Morbid Manor" in Wildwood, New Jersey 

I plan on having him do an interview at The Abandoned Mom and Pop Video Store, but right now I want to show how cool his Alien Robot costumes are for Newt Wallen's Midnight Show Trailer "Rug Muncher".
 Newt in a production Still from "Rug Muncher"

And the Alien Robots on the attack!

How amazingly cool are these costumes?! 
Tony did such an outrageous job on them and really captured the 50's monster feel like "Robot Monster" here. 
The thing I love about Tony's creations is they aren't just thrown together. You can tell that he took the time to really put together costumes that make you remember just about every Sci-Fi monster you've ever seen without copying any of them.   
I can't wait to see these guys in action!