Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's still Star Wars to me...

By - Steve Mezo

This one is about the fight over one of my favorite Sci-Fi movies ever. (Hell even calling Star Wars a Sci-Fi movie itself is an argument all it's own) but I'm not here to argue, just give my take on the whole thing.

I still get all warm and fuzzy inside when I see this
accompanied by John Williams Score!

Yeah George has redone the movie quite a few times, but so what they're his to redo as many times as he wants. And I'm sure he'll do a few more tweaks since he has the money while he's still here. 

I still get annoyed when I see Greedo shoot first and seeing Han getting away with disrespecting Jabba in the Docking Bay 94. But other than that I like the other enhancements. I thought it was cool seeing the dewbacks walking around, the X-Wing formation flyby on their way to the Death Star and Han almost running into a hanger full of Stormtroopers. And there's times where I just pop in the old VHS and watch the then remastered originals. 

I just can't believe the arguments over the do overs has become so heated Alexandre O. Philippe  was able to make a documentary about it.

I just hate reading or hearing people say
 "George Lucas raped my childhood!"

Which I reply with "Dude did you just hear yourself say that?"

Okay so he made (Man I even hate typing his name) Jar Jar Binks, but we kept yelling we wanted the first three movies. And George knew he had a whole new audience to make a movie for (After all allot of the fans of the original releases are parents now) so he had to make a movie that appealed to them too and make some money from new merch. You can't blame the guy for wanting a bigger bank account, when we're all wishing we hit the lottery. 

So the first three came out, and even I was kind of put off by the first one. I didn't hate it but I definitely liked the next two better. 

But that doesn't change how I feel about the originals and my childhood. I still thank George for making the original three and giving me something I love just as much as monster movies. 

Linus said it best in Fanboys


Linus: You gotta keep the flaws.

Crappy effects.

Real puppets.

That's what makes it so good, you know?


This was never about the movie.

You know, this was, uh - this was about all of us.
And I'm talking about all of us original fans. We have to stick together, sure we can grumble over what we don't like about do overs but we are all we have. 
If you were a person that despised any and all do overs and we were sitting in a bus together coming out of a tunnel and you said "The cave is collapsing" you know I would say "This is no cave..." and we would be the only two that got it. 

The only complaint I have to George is I wish he didn't spend so much time obsessing over the Original Trilogy and would have made other films. I love American Graffiti and Tucker and wished he had taken the time and money to make more like those.

And if he was was going to take the time to redo anything it should have been The Star Wars Christmas Special. 
Just kidding Mr. Lucas.