Monday, August 13, 2012

Death Troopers Book Review.

By - Steve Mezo

Tonight a review of 

I had typed a review for the book quite a while ago in the glory days of the D'Ment'D Cinema and thought it was time to do a reboot after seeing there's still allot of interest in it.  

First I applaud Joe Schreiber for combining two of my favorite things, Zombies and The Imperial Navy. I'm talking Strormtroopers, Biker Scouts, Tie Fighter Pilots and whoever else didn't run fast enough! 

The Story was solid with an Imperial prison barge "The Purge" needing to make repairs with engine parts from a seemingly derelict Imperial Star Destroyer "The Vector". This is when the situation (Like Zombieland said) goes from bad to S#!t Storm. The ten person boarding crew that goes to The Vector gets infected by an Imperial bio weapon that worked a little too well and infects just about everybody on The Purge except for two prisoners that are brothers a Chief Medical Officer and *Groan* Han Solo and Chewbacca... 

This is the only thing that rubbed me the wrong way with the book. I mean the main Star Wars characters don't need to be in every corner of the universe! I could read about squadrons of Stormtroopers on different dangerous planets or Tie Fighter pilots battling space pirates for years. But it's like some of the authors are forced to include the characters (even after their first draft) or the story's not getting published. And you (the reader) pretty much blow those characters off because you know they aren't in any real danger no matter what the situation.   

Now that that's out of the way... The rest of the book was great, it had all of the blood and guts of your favorite horror comics and in Star Wars settings you love. *Spoiler Alert* There's even a part where survivors of The Vector outbreak holed themselves up in a shuttle held by a tractor beam for ten weeks. And went from a group of thirty down to six (By eating each other via lottery). 

Joe did a good job with making you like these new characters so you start to root for them as they fight their way through the Star Destroyer filled with the reanimated dead. 

I definitely recommend this one to anyone that is a Star Wars and Zombie horror fan.