Friday, August 10, 2012

A salute to women in horror.

By - Steve Mezo

I was rummaging through the old horror section racks in The Abandoned Mom and Pop Video Store trying to find something new to talk about. And as I was looking at the boxes I figured it out Horror movies wouldn't be where they are without "The Women of Horror".

I'm really glad that Female Horror writers and directors like
and others are getting the recognition and respect that they deserve. 

But I'm talking about the ladies in front of the camera getting covered in fake blood and taking the hits. Come to think of it Jen and Sylvia did that too, when your watching "Dead Hooker in a Trunk" watch the scene where Jen is sitting on the edge of the car trunk and Sylvia shoves her head back. When it happens you hear a audible *THUNK* when Jen's head hits the edge of the trunk lid. And she didn't even brake character! And then there was the full on slap that Sylvia gives Jen too!!! 

I have nothing but respect for them doing things that I would never do for a horror movie no matter how much they paid. (Okay I did full frontal way back when) but anything else would have had me quitting real quick and telling the director what he could do with his vision.

There are so many women to mention but Marilyn Burns pictured above is a great example of the kind of woman I'm talking about. She was beaten with a (real) broom handle, had her finger sliced open, sat through twenty hours of hundred degree heat with the smell of rotting head cheese and was scratched and cut by all kinds of branches during a chase scene through the woods. Any one of those would have me telling the director to pound salt with both hands. 

Speaking of the woods
And how many of these brave women taken off just about everything and were dragged through them (Even over a few Fire Ant nest in the beginning of Devil's Rejects), or ran through them topless and barefoot. Sometimes covered in fake blood and if it was Kayro Syrup based attracted every flying biting insect ever created. Do they complain once? Nope, they knew that the scene needed them and they bucked up and did as many takes as needed.    

 And don't even get me started on water!
First off the women in "Creepshow 2" not only jump into a strange body of water they got covered in what I can only guess was jelly doughnut filling and some dye you can only hope doesn't stain. Then there were all of the women in the Filipino 70's drive in movies and "Last House on the left" going right into lakes.

There's leeches, snapping turtles and who knows what else living in them. But they got right in and who knew what the temperature of the water was! 

I would have been like Bela Lugosi in Tim Burton's "Ed Wood"
Bela: God damn it's cold!  

Ed: Once you're in it, it warms up.

Bela: F**k You! You come out here!

I did jump into an inlet and the ocean when the bacteria counts were so high that all the beaches in New Jersey were closed
but you weren't getting me anywhere near a strange lake. 

And they get into the water with Bruce without a second thought
 Better her than me that's for sure!!!

Then they are able to scream, cry and act terrified the second someone yells action.

And get covered in gallons of fake blood and never utter one complaint.
 Look, this guy is dressed for winter and Sissy is still smiling wearing only a blood soaked prom dress!!!

And with this image I end my salute and thank all of the Women of Horror past and present.