Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Twice The Terror From The Great White North!

By - Steve Mezo

A little over a year ago my good friend Scott Ruth from Celluloid Creatures and Ghouls of Plan 9 had told me about twin sisters that had made a Indie Grindhouse Style Movie called 
And that it was written by the two of them and made by them
 with the help of a couple of friends. 

This blew me away! Not the fact of them writing and creating it without any prior experience, or them being women. It was the simple fact of they are sisters that worked together that hard on a common project!   

Now anyone that's known my half brother and me for any number of years knows that we have about the same sense of family as Sabertooth and Wolverine.  


We got so bad that one time I completely smashed one of these on his head

And he returned my brotherly gesture by hitting me with his friends Nova SS and breaking my right wrist an hour later
 It looked allot like this one back then, good times...

So if we ever had a small truce and decided "Hey let's make a Indie Horror Movie together" it would end horribly... Not the movie mind you, just us ultimately taking each other out once and for all. I think the catalyst would be one of us doing the slap (Like in Dead Hooker). One of us would say "Okay give me a good solid slap for the scene." The next thing you'd know it would be a full on battle and a Viral Video the next day instead of a full length movie. 

But not with Jen and Sylvia Soska. 
They have such a strong bond that even having Hungarian tempers (Like we do) doesn't affect them working together at all.  

Scott had introduced me to them through the internet and and we hit it right off. They are incredibly personable and I think our shared Hungarian heritage connected us too. I mean who else could think that using cold bacon grease like butter is perfectly normal?

After that we had messaged back and forth about everything from Comic Books and Video Games to "Trailer Park Boys", Zoodles and Canada's huge variety of potato chip flavors. Then I had told them about how much I've read about their movie on the internet and couldn't wait to see it when it was available stateside. I had ordered it from Amazon U.K. but something had happened with distribution and my order was cancelled... 

The next thing I knew Jen had asked me for my address, and then I received a autographed copy in the mail from the both of them! And the coolest thing was it was a second copy. Sylvia had asked me if I got the first and I said "No", the Canadian postal service was on strike so we think my first autographed copy is somewhere in a Canadian Post office still to this day... Now they could have been like "Nice try Fanboy you're not getting a second from us eh!" but they weren't and sent another for me to watch! 

I looooved it! The movie has everything in it that Grindhouse, Horror and Action movie goers could ever want including humor!
There is a double foot drop kick done by Sylvia that I still watch over and over (Just wishing I could do it to somebody that needs it). 

The thing that really kicks my ass about it is how it connects with so many different kinds of viewers! So much so that one fan had the Twisted Twins Production company logo tattooed on his arm!

I mean there are hundreds of thousands of movie makers out there all doing it themselves with an HD camera hoping to find an audience, but Jen and Sylvia had their destiny waiting for them all along. 

And then they went on to completely own in France at The Cannes Film Festival with their second much awaited feature
 "American Mary"

And once American Mary is released on the world I can't wait to see the next level these two reach!