Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hilarity in a town called Frankenstone.


By - Steve Mezo

I want to thank Ben Kane for creating a website that helped me prove I'm not completely insane.

Back in 1976 there was a kids show that I loved called
 "The Hilarious House of Frightenstein". 

The show starred Billy Van as "Count Frightenstien" along with his faithful assistant "Igor" played by Fishka Rais.  

The basic plot was Count Frightenstein is the thirteenth son of Count Dracula, and since he failed to bring his creation "Brucie" to life he's banished to the village of Frankenstone until he does. 

The only problem is something always goes wrong whenever they try to make it happen. One of my favorites was when the Canadian government was going to give Brucie disability checks and all he had to do was confirm he was there over the phone. Since Brucie is constantly in a state of immobility The Count lost out on the checks.

While this was going on other characters (With quite a few being played by Billy) had their own goings on along with a guest appearance by Vincent Price doing the intro and spots of monster themed poetry. 

For the complete list of characters check out Ben Kane's site here

The show was taped in Ontario Canada and the Televised and Syndicated through America. According to Ben's site when the show had finished out the new station manager had all of Frightenstien's degoused (Erased) to save money on taping future access shows for the station and this caused a huge uproar amongst it's fans.
But thanks to syndication episodes were saved and were made available on DVD.   

Now the funny part is I thought I was the only person in New Jersey that remembered it besides my wife! I would tell friends about it and get the "What?" look. Then I would really describe it and they would swear I was making the whole thing up. 

I knew I had watched it with my mom, and my wife described Billy's character of Grizelda The Ghastly Gourmet to a T! 

And then one day when I was searching the internet years ago just trying to see if anyone else remembered it, I found the site that Ben Kane had taken the time to research and create. It completely blew me away! Here were video clips and pictures of a show I absolutely loved and remembered. And thanks to Ben's help I was able to order a DVD with a few episodes on it. It's not the whole series but it's enough to visit The Count anytime I want. 

Thank You again Ben!