Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summers were never the same since...

By - Steve Mezo

I remember when I saw JAWS
 for the first time back in 1975 when I was five years old.

Now before you say "WHAT?!" I grew up watching "The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau" so my parents thought how bad could a movie about a shark be?

I thought the movie kicked ass and "Bruce" became a new character in "The Ocean of Blood" . But when it came to swimming in large bodies of water, that was a whole different story. 

Jacques had told me (through his television show) that Great Whites live in the ocean and usually preferred warmer climates so there would be zero chance of a Great White living in my Aunt's swimming pool. 

Well as fate would have it a friend of my father's was talking to him about the movie we just saw, and told us that it was originally a book written by a man named Peter Benchley the year before. And he was inspired by a series of shark attacks along the Jersey Shore in 1916 and a shark fisherman by the name of Frank Mundus. 
We used to swim in the creeks all of the time not thinking they're connected to the ocean from the bay. 

 If you look to the right of the red cross by Matawan those little points on Jersey are where I'm at.
 So the shark attacks were literally close to home.  

Then add to the that the fictional town of "Amity" was off the coast of Massachusetts and when you're five looking at a map that's not a long swim for a huge Great White named Bruce.

After that whole conversation my overactive imagination went into high gear and I was like "Ooookay Bruce can be anywhere now!!!"
In that instant he went from being a fictional movie shark to a full on movie monster that had no boundaries whatsoever!

Now your going to say
 "Dude, Sheriff Brody blew Bruce up at the end of the movie!" 

Well five year old me would respond with
"Yeah, well Dracula was killed a whole bunch of ways and he keeps coming back!!!"

And now that Bruce is a full on movie monster real world rules don't apply to him anymore! So if he wants to hide out in my Aunt's pool so he can eat me in two bites he'll find a way to get there. And that goes for lakes in the middle of the woods too. He'll get there live on some fish for a while and then go
"There you are!!!"