Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Monsters and Multi Millionares would be on my street.

By - Steve Mezo

Over the years I've learned there's two kinds of people.

Munster Fans

The Addams Family Fans

Now I'm a fan of both and how cool would it have been to have both families living on the same street?

First I would have asked Eddie if could have had his dad take us fro a ride in the Munster Coach and get ice cream or hamburgers. Then we would have played with Spot and after went down to Grandpa's Lab and have him tell us all kinds of cool stories about The Old Country. 

And no visit there would be complete without him making some kind of potion where I could fly or turn invisible. Of course there would be some kind of crazy side effect, but that would be part of the fun too. 

Then Eddie and me would head over to The Addams Families house and hang out with Pugsley and Wednesday. And this is where the fun would really start!!!

We could play with Pugsley's pet octopus, and hang out in the dungeon with Uncle Fester and see him blow stuff up or do the light bulb trick. Then Uncle Fester could give us a tour of the family graveyard and tell us all about the cool family history they have. After that we would play one of the games that Pugsley and Wednesday play. And if I were to happen to fall victim to some death or dismemberment I'm sure Grandpa would patch me up with me asking him not to tell my parents.