Sunday, April 15, 2012

Talking about Derek Huey's "David The Vampire".

By - Steve Mezo

As an Associate Producer of David The Vampire I'm really excited about this project and seeing it after it's completion. 

Derek Huey is great at making something from pretty much nothing. I know how it sounds, but if you've read my "DVD's With Extra Cheese" intro and my articles on Derek's creation of The League of Science you know I'm a huge fan of his work. 

Derek prides himself on being able to do productions for little money and aims high for none! I think his proudest moment was making "Test Subject - Call of Duty" for no money at all. 

Now that Derek is on his way of getting a sizable budget (by The League of Science standards) and with his writing skills "David The Vampire" will definitely hit the mark! 

Here's the breakdown of "David The Vampire".

David the Vampire is about a vampire whose been alone for over 200 years. And after being single this long he finally decides it's time to settle down. Upon talking to his psychiatrist (who doesn't believe that David is actually a vampire) about being alone, he suggests that David should start online dating.

David being a Vampire figures out quickly that he can't find true love online either. He does however discover that if taking girls home from the bar is the equivalent to Chinese Take-Out, online dating is like pizza delivery where the food will come to him. He eventually finds someone, but not all love stories have a happy ending.  

Derek told me that the movie is going to have a "Lost Boys" feel to it where it will have a comedy undertone, but not have the full on humor of The League of Science. 

Currently Derek is readying pre-production for David The Vampire and will start filming this Summer.