Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My interview with Robert the tire from "Rubber".


By - Steve Mezo

I went to the abandoned Mom and Pop Video Store just to make on stuff when I noticed a tire across the street. 

I walked over to it and that's when I realized it was
 Robert from the movie "Rubber"!

I told him how much I loved the movie and asked him if he would like to come inside the Video Store and do an interview. He then turned to me and said with his telepathy he would really like that.
And he was even cool enough to let me get a photo op!

Once we were inside I asked him how he landed the role of a lifetime for a tire. (No pun intended) 

He told me that he would like to start at the beginning when his father had met his mother during his time in the Army during World War II when he was the spare tire on a Jeep of a Sergent.

They fell in love and had Robert when they had returned state side. Robert's father wanted more for his son than to be a spare tire, so he had used his military retirement (Sorry for the pun again) money to send Robert to a respected acting school in NYC. This helped Robert land his first acting roll... in the stage play "CATS".

He had stayed with the troupe for quite a few years but then had given modeling a try. 
And then had remembered the old saying about "Never work with animals or kids...

After that he had decided he would do some commercial work and this is when he discovered how much he actually liked acting. 
His agent then found out about an Independent horror comedy called "Rubber". 
Robert was thrilled it was almost as if the role were written just for him by writer/director "Quentin Dupieux". 
Quentin and Robert having fun with a photo shoot between takes.

He then told me the only scene that was a real chore to be in was when he first rises out of the dirt and rocks in the desert.

But every other scene after that was relatively easy.

Robert's enjoying his new found fame and is thinking of appearing at Horror Conventions. He said the only thing is he can't write so wouldn't want to let down his fans that are autograph collectors, but he loves being in photos and would be part of a Q and A panel. 

After that I thanked him for his time and for being my guest at the video store. He said the pleasure was all his and then began to roll away.