Friday, April 13, 2012

Here's what's new with The League of Science!!!

By - Steve Mezo

Writer/Director Derek Huey is gearing up for a countdown episode break which will be called "Season 1.5" of his hit video short series "The League ofScience" to ready the world for "Season Two".
This new countdown episode break which will start with episode 5.5 will then go to 4.5, 3.5, 2.5, 1.5 then end with 0.0 and will ready fans for season 2 and promises a return of everyone's favorite characters like...

Dr. Devokees

The Shape

Also known Thomas Berdinski
who made The "Giant Rubber Monster Movie" and
 "The Italian Zombie Movie Parts 1 and 2"


And  then there will be a countless supply of test subjects...

But this time not only will the test subjects be forced to play video games, they will also be forced to watch movies and read comic books for years at a time. This of course makes the test subjects think that they are the characters of the video games, movies and comic books and their surroundings are that of those characters. The only problem is it almost always leads to the test subjects early demise.
On the bright side with all of these new realities supplied by the movies and comic books, there is sure to be lots of horrific senseless deaths and destruction of the hapless test subjects.

And with all of this going on there will be the introduction of a new Scientific Scientist!

She is so hot that she never needs a Bunsen burner 
to heat up a beaker, and her name is "Francine Frankenstein"!!!
 She will be played by horror celebrity and actress
Janet Jay.

And after much negotiation with Tattooed Steve's entertainment management team "Hookum, Cheetum and Dhun".

Dwight Hookum

The all puppet cast from Steve Mezo's
"4 Play Productions"
 will be working in association with some episodes of The League of Science, if they don't kill each other first.

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