Thursday, March 22, 2012

The League of Science Want's You!!!

By - Steve Mezo

If you love Video Games and Cheesy Cinema Derek Huey's "The League of Science" is a double helping of both!

The back story of Season one is "Dr. Devokees" (David M. Sitbon) conducts experiments on "Test Subjects" for the Governments Research Team "The League of Science" headed by his boss only known as "The Shape" (Thomas Berdinski).

The only thing is "The Test Subjects" are forced to play certain video games for years at a time. Once they have played them to  the point that the Subject can no longer discern reality from the video game play they are released to the outdoors. This usually results in the subject dying. This seems to anger The Shape a little but you can see he finds some kind of rewarding entertainment from it. 

The production team consist of Derek Huey 
(One of the minds of as Writer/Director 
and Newt Wallen of the "Underbelly" Web Series as Co-Writer.

Season One Consist of...

Episode One: Test Subject - Minecraft  

Episode Two: Test Subject -  Zombies ate my Neighbors

Episode Three: Test Subject - Call of Duty

Episode Four: Test Subject - Frogger  

Episode Five: Test Subject - Superman 64 (The Worst Game Ever)

Episode Six: (The Season Finally) Test Subject - Super Mario  

The thing that impresses me most about the series is Derek prides himself of using the lowest possible budget and aims for not having one at all. But he puts everything he has into keeping it funny and entertaining. 
Make sure to give them a watch 
and tell them Tattooed Steve sent you.