Thursday, March 22, 2012

The He-Man Artwork of Chris Faccone!

By - Steve Mezo

Chris Faccone is one of my favorite Professional Freelance Artist to date. Now before I get into his introduction let's take a trip back to the year 1982 in the...

Back in 1982 I was twelve years old and had grown out of playing with toys. I still thought they were cool as collectables, but actually playing with them had become a thing of the past. 

Well one day I was bored and decided to walk though a local toy store and had seen a display for He-Man and The Masters of The Universe. I had looked at the figures which had consisted of He-Man, Battle Cat, Skeletor, Panthor, Man at Arms, Teela, EvIL-Lyn, Beast Man and Castle Grayskull.

There really wasn't much more to it than a banner, but I thought they were really cool. They were the completely jacked up looking figures that were ready to fight anybody and anything. And He-Man had this kick ass green and yellow tiger that he rides on.

So I bought He-Man, Battle Cat, Skeletor and Panthor. And when I opened them to put up on my shelf I saw that there were small comic books that came with them and told the story of He-Man and his battle with Skeletor. So they sat there few a few months and then the cartoon of He-Man and The Masters of The Universe came on TV. 
I had told my friends that they were based on the figures I had in my collection so we were all really excited to see these guys and monsters kick the crap out of each other for a half hour. Boy were we wrong, but hey at least it set us up for the disappointment of the G.I. Joe and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cartoon adaptations of  their comic books. 

And as the cartoon went on more characters were added to the series and toy line.
It started out with a decent selection 
when the cartoon toy line expanded.

And when they started riding dinosaurs 
I started to wish I still played with toys. 

And by this time they really started adding really cool interactive figures like Moss Man (Who smelled like a Pine Tree Air Freshener)  and Stinkor (Who just smelled). I wish I could have been there in the development meeting when they were trying to figure out a smell that was stinky without making it so offensive that mothers wouldn't buy him. And I still haven't met anyone yet that had the tower with the tram car. 
Then there was Scareglow and the introduction of the Snakemen figures. The Snakemen were bad ass figures but Other than that I pretty much lost interest in the series.


Chris Faccone created This! 

When I saw his version of "Snake Face" and the other "Snake Men" I freaked out. He did such an amazing job with keeping them close to the original cartoon style, but making them look like they were going to plant a Snakeman foot in somebodies ass! 

Then he did another with where his friend Axel Gimenez did the pencil work for Hordak, Snake Mountain and the initial layout. Chris did the penciling for Skeletor and the the back and foregrounds as well as the penciling and inking. 

This just got the wheels a turning in my head, I mean how cool would it be if the cartoon could be this kick ass? Just straight up fighting every five seconds because they're all there from their own kingdoms and dimensions pretty much playing a lethal king of the hill. Then all of the characters get revived in their own versions of "The Lazarus Pit" in Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain.

Then Chris had to impress me again and add the action figure details to his character works.

     Like here with "Hordak" and "The Horde"

Is a little more stylized after the Collector's Edition version

Look at the detail in Roboto's translucent body parts

 And check out the glow effect on "Scareglow"

To see more of Chris Faccone's art click the link below.