Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Thoughts on Vicious Dogs Attacking Scott Schiaffo!

By - Steve Mezo

Wow where to start...

I just read through a book in record time. And the main reason was I was just grabbed by it and did not want to put it down!

That book is titled 
"Vicious Dogs Attack me in Sleepless Nights of Summer"
And it was written by this guy
 in case his name didn't click quite yet
Yup, The Chewlies Gum Rep.

We were both in movies in New Jersey with Marilyn Ghigliotti. He was a wily sales rep for a gum company while I was a killer alien space monster in another, but he gets to sit with her at a convention! WTF?! 
Ummmm, I mean good for Scott... 

Anyway enough about me, D'Ment'D Cinema's "Scott Ruth" had done an interview with Scott just last year and you can read that with the link here. Scott Ruth's interview with Scott Schiaffo. 

And now back to Scott's Book...
It was so amazingly cool of Scott to mail me a copy of the book with a personalized autograph. And after I had read "The letter from the Author" I could not put it down! It's a collection of poems from Scott that deal with allot of what he had lived and almost died through in the 90's. 

And this is an endorsement and a half from someone like me. The only reason I'm saying this at the risk of sounding even more like the asshole I usually am is I am the last person to ever read any kind of poetry. To tell you the truth I hate the stuff, even as a person that lives to read I refused to go into College Prep because it was loaded with it as required reading. 

I'm no expert in poetry, but I think Scott's being a musician added to the flow of his writings. Yeah I know Jim Morrison was a musician and poet too, but I couldn't get past two pages of his writings...  

But somehow Scott's style latched on and I couldn't get enough of it! It was almost like I got great seats at a showing of Scott's experiences as a drug addict and alcoholic back in the 90's.
Without going into to much of my own past I was in quite a few situations where stuff could have gone bad fast and either landed me in jail or earned me a room at The Morrison Hotel. So I knew allot of the landscape that Scott was speaking about traveling. 

I was never an addict myself (Never even tried a cigarette in my life) but I did have a great journey with LSD for a while. But with me my experience was more of having a cleaning crew in my head. I'm so used to thinking abstract, creatively, strangely and completely randomly that to have something that put everything in it's place was cool. 

But for Scott Schiaffo his addiction was a physical and mental need. And the more he needed the more dead ends (Literally) it could have landed him in. Then if the act of acquiring it didn't get him his hard usage would have and just about did. And to have him relate allot of what he went through (Without being preachy, apologetic or sounding like an After School Special) was an amazing read. 

Scott thank you so much for this book and for helping me get to say "Yeah, I've read some great poetry in my life".

Your "Good Dude Man"